Okay so… what is Digital Art ?
Digital Art is art that is computer generated. Digital art is responsible for what you see when you play a videogame, when you watch TV, the figurines you collect, the magazines you read. It is a popular form of art because the internet is popular. We share things digitally everyday, like this very website you are reading right now.
Do you recognize any of these?
I mean… someone had to make these… right? YES! These are all examples of digital art. From the packaging of your favorite cereals, the graphics of your favorite t shirts, to the characters on your childhood cartoons, these very things are designed, drawn, modelled, sculpted, painted, produced, and you see them everyday! Pretty cool right?

Is Digital Art difficult?

Yes and no. Being tech savvy and knowing your way around a computer definitely helps learning digital art and design. If you are a traditional artist moving to digital, you are going to learn a new medium. The software digital artists use are responsible for the beautiful graphics you see, along with all the practice you take with art in general. If you are tech savvy but never picked up a paintbrush, you can still be a digital artist! It’s all about getting familiar with the software and practicing.

But Digital Art is not real Art…

Oh hush. Digital art requires talent  and creative thinking too. Most importantly, its responsible for the things we interact with everyday that entertain us. Your favorite character in your favorite videogame is designed, modeled, colored, and programed by one or more artists who takes years of practice to enhance their skills. 

What can I make with Digital Art?

Scroll back up! There’s so many thing you can make… videogames, animation, websites, comics, stickers, posters, phone apps, designing clothes, jewelry, toys, create paintings, build maps, really anything! Some people actually make a living making some of these fun things for clients or companies.

Okay cool! How do I get started?

I drew a lot when I was a kid on normal pencil and paper. I started digital art because I was inspired by the very cartoons and videogames I interacted with. I was on YouTube all the time, watching people draw on paper and even on their computers. I knew I wanted to try it out. Many of these videos helped me get started too, showing me how to draw anime, how to use certain software, and how to upload and share. My journey from being taught by others inspired me to give back, so I wanted to help others like they helped me. Plus, I wanted to convince people that digital art is very important!