Dont want to commit to working as a full-time artist in a studio? Totally fine! You can have a second job as a freelance artist, creating art at your own terms.

What is a freelance artist?

A freelance artist is an artist who works for many clients. Basically, you create and sell your art on your own terms. It can mean creating physical artwork and trying to sell it online or offline, but it can also mean creating digital art with the purpose of selling “prints”, stickers, apparel, graphic novels, anything you want. They are artists who stay at home and work in their pajamas, how fun!

How do freelance artists find work?

Social media and connections! Posts in forums on art-related websites (ex. DeviantArt) and online job listings (Behance, are very good ways to get those first gigs. Companies rarely read anything from artists for hire, so look for existing posts from clients looking for artists and put your foot in the door!

What are examples of freelance jobs?

Logo designer, web designer, character animator, character illustrator, video editor, 3d designer, concept artist, and so many more are examples of freelance art jobs. Companies look for an artist with these skills to help them out, the artist works with them until the job is done, get paid, and move on to the next freelance job for a different company or group.

Lets find a job! 


Begin your job search with Indeed! Super easy job search engine and you can build your own resume. You can also create job alert emails, search for jobs, save them and apply to them directly using your Indeed portfolio. 


Another great job-search engine that has visuals on what the company does and post reviews and information on each job. 

Freelance Websites 


Are you a freelancer? Upwork is a freelancing platform where companies look for artists help for their projects. Duration of the job, hourly pay, and expert level is posted on their posts.

A platform by Adobe! Behance is a platform for creative professionals around the world to showcase their own work and to discover the creative work of others through three key features: Search (Discover), Live, and Jobs.


Create a gig at Fivver you think people would love! This can include caricatures, offer to make graphic design logos, animation, anything you want to offer.

Want to work on your own projects?

Have an idea for a graphic novel, art service, webtoon, game, website, original characters? Let’s get your ideas out there!


Read comics by artists from all over the world… one of these comics could be yours! CANVAS is WEBTOON’s open platform where creators can publish their comics and connect with millions of readers around the world.


Create monthly memberships for your fans! You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom to do your best work, and the stability you need to build an independent creative career.


Have an amazing idea? Kickstart your project! On kickstarter you share your ideas, and people will donate money to help your project come to life! This can mean an invention, book, a videogame, a film, anything!


Make your designs into… everything! Stickers, tshirts, mugs, curtains, pillowcases, canvas prints, and more! This is a print on demand service so you make the design and they do the printing work for you.


Put on a show! Work on your artwork live and connect with your audience. Twitch is a great way to make a community and meet new friends!

Want your own little business…
try commissions!

Fun freelance videos

Here are some videos that personally inspired me to get started on some freelancing, hope you enjoy them too!