Meet the Author

The queen… the creator! Hail the bean!
I hope my beloved website treats you well!

This is a project for my Web Design class. I really wanted to make a chill and easy to navigate space where digital artists and new artists can come to and learn about Digital Art. I did so much research for this website and jam-packed as much as I can that I think could really help visitors learn about this skill. I am NOT a professional, but I have years of experience. Eventually I want people to come together on this site and help each other out!

You probably read some of my artists babbles throughout the website but I’ll briefly rant about myself again! 


My name is Jenn!

I’m originally from Westchester, New York. I attended Westchester Community College, achieved my Visual Art Associates, and now I’m attending Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan for my Digital Art & Design Bachelors. I’m just your average artistic geeky short person trying to get school done and pay the rent!

I am also known as Krimmu.

Krimmu is my artist/ fictional name. As Krimmu, I stream on Twitch, post on Instagram and Twitter, and its my name on many video games. As artist Krimmu, I do commissions for my followers and use those pieces to build up my portfolio and I’m loving it!

My skill set includes digital illustration, character design, animation, 3D modeling, video editing, and creative writing. I created a lot of original characters (OCs) and currently writing stories for them in hopes of publishing them for everyone to read!

Here is a link to my personal website and portfolio so you can peek at my work and jump to my social medias:

Feel free to contact me! 

Have an idea, opinion, problem, rant, compliment? I’m open to any criticism! All messages will be sent to my email which I will have on me at all times. I’m looking forward to hear from you! 

Also visit my blog page to read some personal entries!